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French musical to shine in town| March 29-31

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7:30 p.m., March 29-31, 2018 (March 31 also at 2:30 p.m.)


French musical to shine in town| March 29-31




Line 1, Taoyuan Station (桃园站), Exit B

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“Romeo et Juliette: de la Haine a l’Amour,” a French musical based on William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet,” will debut in Shenzhen in March next year.



Local ticketing website juooo.com is now offering discounted tickets.




With music and lyrics by Gerard Presgurvic, the musical premiered in Paris in 2001. The production was directed and choreographed by Redha Benteifour, with costumes by Dominique Borg and settings by Petrika Ionesco.

2001年2月14日,捷哈•皮斯葛维克(Gérard Presgurvic)带着他创作的音乐剧《罗密欧与朱丽叶》,在巴黎会议宫举行了首演,当年的观众数量就有200万人次。


The producers were Gerard Louvin, GLEM and Universal Music. Since then, the musical has entertained audiences throughout Europe and Asia and has been translated into several languages, including Flemish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese and Korean.



In Shenzhen the shows will be in French with Chinese subtitles.




Differences from Shakespeare’s plot include that the nature of the lovers’ deaths is different. New characters such as Death and the Poet appear for dramatic effect. Lady Capulet has a greatly increased role and in the case of the Hungarian version, has an affair with her servant.


The role of Tybalt has changed slightly from being purely dark to a more pitiful character because of his growing up with hatred and a dark childhood, as well as an unrequited attraction to Juliet.


The musical was staged in Shanghai in 2012 and Guangzhou and Beijing in 2016 for a total of 50 shows, when Chinese audience members were stunned by its dazzling setting and catchy music. Composer Presgurvic added electronic, dance, rock and other elements of modern music to it.



Regular tickets: 280-1,080 yuan

Discounted tickets:

• 20 percent off for tickets priced above 280 yuan if purchased Aug. 25-Sept. 30;

• 10 percent off for tickets priced above 280 yuan if purchased from Oct. 1;

• 999 yuan for two 680-yuan tickets of the March 29 show if purchased Aug. 25-Sept. 30;

• 1,314 yuan for two 880-yuan tickets of the March 29 show if purchased Aug. 25-Sept. 30;

• 199 yuan for a 680-yuan ticket of the March 29 show for students if purchased Sept. 15-30