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Shameless corners of the US Square

Writer: Paul Kay  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2018-04-02

Email of the writer: paulkaylc@live.com

Square 1, Donald Trump! If we dig hard to find credibility to Trump’s words or actions, we easily tap on his inconsistencies. One may argue in many cases there are flip-flops in his opinions and decisions, many times overnight, occasionally momentarily. Digging further, the only contributing factor, in this author’s opinion, is the unfortunate fact that no policies or clear logical plans exist in Trump’s very narrow mind. Building a wall, keeping Muslims out, defaming others as being rapists and using the same methods when describing China’s trade policy toward the U.S., ridiculing NATO, canceling climate control commitments, divorcing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, attacking NAFTA, and imposing tariffs are not examples of having command over policies. These are all just a few factors he used for election purposes, all basically words of the ill-informed, uneducated, ordinary and mad people on American streets, complaining about everything and attacking all, with no knowledge to the legitimacy of their existence and the inevitable negative consequences. Trump, himself clearly and undoubtedly one of the same crowd of mad individuals, took advantage of this opportunity, broadcasting others’ unrealistic, highly-biased nonsense and spicing it up in the form of insults toward respectful fellow countrymen, employing a foul mouth, lying proudly and effortlessly, getting himself elected and now governing shamelessly! One individual, with only one self-centered mission, occupying the strongest executive office in the world! Shameless square one was elected by...

Square 2, 63 million! Ever since Trump began his campaign for presidency, since day one, his views, intentions, his foul mouth and insults, his lack of clear and detailed plans, his self-centeredness, his cultural sexism and womanizing nature, his insensitivity for people’s integrity and patriotism, his impoliteness and disrespect toward people and social cultural norms, to mention a few, had all been quite visible, and consistently performed! The 63 million people who disregarded this man’s true character and intentions, who kept deaf ears and blind eyes to Trump’s daily lies and repeated dishonesty, who considered the presidency a video game of cat and mouse full of fun and adventure, who only wanted to hear the headlines of what came out of his mouth and never cared to inquire about the details for the implementation of them and blindly voted for him, occupy the second corner of the square! The shameless square 2, supported and guided by...

Square 3, the “party” of Republicans! In fact, they did celebrate and enjoyed a big “party,” putting a Republican in the highest office of the nation, regardless of his incompetency, poor judgment, lack of governing and political experience, lack of a professional and socially accepted demeanor, total lack of a clear plan for the country and the world other than attacking anything and everything among a long list of deficiencies, which were all apparent from the moment Trump announced his presidency. Their only goal was to occupy the Oval Office, even at the expense of the country. The sad news is two-fold: support of Trump during the campaign, and continuing to support this national liability even after election, despite the proof of his numerous deficiencies and poor judgment in every aspect. The Republican party settles itself in the third shameless corner of the square! Shameless square 3, facilitated by...

Square 4, the media! Simply put, any new product needs marketing and must have exposure to get noticed by the target market. Trump’s highest and largest marketing entity was the media, and for free! The question is why? Money! As 63 million and many more were excited and willing to focus on the “reality show” and loved to be entertained through live television by Trump’s insults and confrontational performances, the ratings of those broadcasts named the prices for the advertisements and commercials, flowing dollars into the corrupt pockets of the media! While other candidates were paying huge sums of money for a few minutes of interviews and advertisement on televisions, Trump was being given interview after interview, reports, live coverage of all his nonsense speeches, and being followed every footstep he took. The show-hungry public, the fellow candidate-hungry Republicans, through interest and influence, created everlasting Trump-filled coverage on media, thereby gifting Trump with nonstop exposure! The shameless square 4, media!

These components are in a harmonious marriage, sharing a high five! What happened to the strong party of the Republicans and their nationalism-rooted identity? Presidents Lincoln, Reagan, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Jefferson, Hoover and others cry blood in their graves, a look at themselves, their fitness, competency, integrity and ethics, their presidency, and then a look at Trump, the division in the nation, the loss and sacrifice of America’s freedom and justice for all, the past and present… anyone in any normal state of mind would cry blood at this chaos! The tragedy is not over; the four corners of the square are proudly active, shamelessly.

(The author is a retired American educator with a Ph.D. in business administration residing in Shenzhen.)