SZ’s achievements confirm Marxism’s rationality

Writer: Zhang Qian  |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From:   |  Updated: 2018-05-29

John Bachtell

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Impressed by Shenzhen’s beautiful city image and rapid development, John Bachtell, national chair of the Communist Party of the United States, told the Shenzhen Daily yesterday that the city’s achievements proved that Marxism is feasible and right.

Sitting down and talking with media outlets in attendance at a thematic workshop commemorating the 200th birthday of Karl Marx at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen, Bachtell said he was “more than overwhelmed” by his experience in Shenzhen.

“Shenzhen has grown into a very modern and ecological metropolis and it’s like a window into the reform process of the past 40 years,” said Bachtell.

He said that unlike many other cities around the world, Shenzhen’s growth has been strategic and focused on taking care of both the environment and innovative development. “It is a city of the future,” Bachtell commented.

While introducing the development of the Communist Party of the U.S.A., Bachtell said his party aims to advocate for the United States to follow a more peaceful and economically steady development strategy in the short term and conduct more reforms that lead to socialism in the long run.

Also, Bachtell said he is impressed by the foreign policy of the CPC and the Chinese Government that upholds the building of a shared future of humanity.

“China put forward the principle of ‘peaceful co-existence’ in the past years and now is taking the principle to another level with the notion of a shared future,” said Bachtell. He thinks China is going to play a greater role in global issues and can make positive impacts on solving problems like poverty, disease and climate change.

Shenzhen has formed Sister City relationships with three American cities: Houston, Atlanta and Seattle. Bachtell said it is possible to encourage more people-to-people, economic, trade and cultural exchanges between American cities and Shenzhen.

“These changes can help create peaceful development for both Chinese and American people, and I think these relationships are very important,” said Bachtell.