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‘SZU Box’ sent out to 6,736 freshmen

Writer:   | Editor: Lily A  | From:  | Updated: 2018-08-09

Shenzhen University has designed a special enrollment package to mark the 35th anniversary of its establishment, and mailed it Tuesday to the 6,736 students who have been admitted to attend the university next month.

Dubbed the “SZU Box,” it greets every freshman who receives it with “Nice to meet you” on the cover.

According to Li Zhijun, director of the Admissions Office of Shenzhen University, the box has a special appearance and the gifts inside represent the university’s care and expectations for its newcomers.

There are an admissions letter, a university badge, a notebook, a pen, a wooden postcard and a pair of VR glasses in the box. Each item in the box has a unique meaning.

The admissions letter and the badge stand for a brand-new start for the students, indicating that Shenzhen University welcomes the arrival of the freshmen, while the design of the pen and the notebook shows the university’s hope that all freshmen will record every meaningful moment of their campus life.

The wooden postcard is to encourage new students to have more experiences and broaden their horizons, and the VR glasses give them a unique way to view the entire university.

Both teachers and students took part in the design and production of the boxes, along with efforts from university alumni-founded enterprises like Tencent. The thoughtful and considerate design of the box shows the university’s warm welcome for its freshmen, according to Shenzhen University. (Zeng Zhiwei)