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Industrial clusters to form at HQ base

Writer: Zhang Qian  | Editor: Lily A  | From:  | Updated: 2018-08-10

The Shenzhen Cyberspace Laboratory, one of the four labs approved by Guangdong Province, settled at the Liuxiandong headquarters base in Nanshan District on July 18, as the area is in full gear to be developed into a hub of emerging industries, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Thursday.

Four high-tech enterprises, UBTECH, SANGFOR, Appotronics and a space industry company, also won biddings for four lots of land at the headquarters base about two weeks before the lab’s inauguration in July.

The headquarters base, covering an area of 1.35 square kilometers in Xili, Nanshan District, is expected to become a new-generation industrial park by gathering headquarters of companies in strategic new industries valued at over 300 billion yuan (US$43.95 billion).

For the past few years, both the municipal and district governments have been strictly selecting high-tech companies capable of earning patents to bid for land available at the headquarters base.

Apart from four lots of land that were auctioned off in July, another eight lots of land were sold to competitive enterprises, including DJI Innovation, Lepu Medical, Tinno Mobile and TRANSSION.

DJI Innovation named its headquarters the City of Sky, with two blocks of buildings at about 180 to 200 meters high. The first phase of construction began last year. The giant drone maker intends to construct a headquarters that combines R&D, testing, offices, incubators, and public platforms, with business and residential areas.

Construction on the Tinno headquarters also broke ground last year. Like DJI Innovation, Tinno Mobile expects to integrate a variety of functions into its headquarters to become a kingdom of mobile devices.

The Liuxiandong headquarters base also plans to build an innovation platform where high-end military-civilian technology enterprises can set up headquarters, R&D labs, information centers and strategic resource centers.

Additionally, a base for research on graphene materials will be built at Liuxiandong to promote the industry’s development.

According to the blueprint of the area, the headquarters base will be divided into seven units, also known as “Blocks,” with main roads separating each one.