Segway unveils Drift W1 electric roller skates

Writer:   |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From:   |  Updated: 2018-09-07

Segway-Ninebot has given fans a new look at its high-tech electric roller skates, known as the Drift W1.

The pair of self-balancing skates use the same stabilizing technology as the famous two-wheeled Segway transporter to keep riders upright as they move.

Unlike traditional roller skates, riders only need to lean forwards or backwards to move the Drift W1, which are not physically attached to the users’ feet to make it easy to jump on or off.

Drift W1 is “easy to carry, lightweight and small,” according to Segway.

For now, the company has posted a lifestyle page on its site along with a video of the skates in action.

“The tires are designed to improve stability and steering capabilities, and, combined with the high-quality materials including slip-resistance on foot mats, the product is designed for maximum comfort and fun,” Segway wrote.

Prices are not yet known for the upcoming product, but the similar HoverShoes XI from InMotion sell for US$499.

The firm also showed off new images of a kit it has developed to turn its two-wheeled Segway transporters into go-karts.

The kit adds a front bumper, seating, steering wheel, brakes and rear wheels to a Segway miniPRO.

It plans to acquire artificial intelligence, battery technology and other robotics companies in an effort to build delivery robots in the future.