Catch Phrase | 白月光(báiyuèguāng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: 杨梅  | From:  | Updated: 2018-09-13


“白” means “white,” and “月光” means “moonlight.” Quoted from late Chinese author Eileen Chang’s novel “Red Rose, White Rose,” this term refers to a spotless woman a man cherishes in his memory whom he loved but who is no longer with him. The term caught on with the popularity of a TV series by the name of “Yanxi Palace,” in which the role of a deceased queen is called by netizens “the emperor’s white moonlight.”


A: 你哥都奔四的人了,怎么还不结婚?

Nǐ gē dōu bēnsì de rén le,zěnme hái bù jiéhūn?

Your elder brother is almost 40. Why is he still single?

B: 他大学谈了一次恋爱,那个女生成了他念念不忘的白月光。

Tā dàxué tán le yīcì liàn’ài,nàge nǚshēng chéng le tā niànniàn búwàng de báiyuèguāng。

He had a romance back in university, and that girl became his white moonlight (the cherished love of his life).