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Super typhoon to strike

Writer: Han Ximing  | Editor: ywtest1  | From:  | Updated: 2018-09-14


The upcoming Super Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest in the western Pacific this year, will seriously affect the city Sunday and Monday, Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory said Thursday.

Packed with winds at speeds of 65 meters per second, Mangkhut is 1,902 kilometers away from the city at 2 p.m. Thursday. It was moving northwesterly at 20 kilometers per hour and forecast to enter the South China Sea on Saturday morning as it approaches the Guangdong and Hainan coasts.

Affected by the outer stream of Mangkhut, the weather Friday and Saturday will be cloudy and hot with mists and occasional showers at around noon. The temperatures in some areas will reach over 35 degrees Celsius.

To prepare for the arrival of Mangkhut, Shenzhen water resources group has taken six measures, including 24-hour duty and hourly reporting, regular patrols, and monitoring low-lying and easily flooded areas to handle emergencies.

The observatory advised the public to be fully prepared, complete all precautionary measures and stay tuned to the latest information on Mangkhut.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong estimates Mangkhut will be more powerful than all of the super typhoons Hong Kong has experienced in decades, including the notorious 1962 Super Typhoon Wanda that left heavy casualties, as well as Super Typhoon Hato that triggered the highest-level typhoon warning signal last year. It is predicted to be closest to Hong Kong on Sunday while maintaining its intensity at the level of a super typhoon, bringing adverse weather to the city.

The Hong Kong Observatory said it may issue a No. 8 typhoon signal Sunday. Considering the possible bad weather brought by Mangkhut, several Hong Kong-based airlines have announced they will waive rebooking fees for passengers scheduled to travel Sunday or Monday.