Catch Phrase | 撸串(lūchuàn)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-08


“撸” is a verb from northeastern Chinese dialect which either means to “rub something (like leafs) off from a branch” or “work hard to hone one’s skills,” and “串” means “kebabs” or “meat and vegetables held on sticks.” Many young Chinese would like to eat roasted or boiled kebabs at roadside stalls with friends, the image of eating small bits of food held on a stick reminding of picking leafs off a branch. This popular trend has given rise to the term “撸串,” which means to eat kebabs at roadside stalls.


A: 今天要加班,等晚上收工一起去撸串怎么样?

Jīntiān yào jiābān,děng wǎnshàng shōugōng yīqǐ qù lūchuàn zěnmeyàng?

We’re pulling some overtime today. How about coming with me to eat kebabs at food stalls after wrapping up work this evening?

B: 我最近减肥,已经很久不吃夜宵了。

Wǒ zuìjìn jiǎnféi,yǐjīng hěnjiǔ bù chī yèxiāo le。

I’m trying to lose weight, and have stopped eating snacks at night for a while.