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Baby dies after getting vaccination

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-08

A 2-month-old baby in Long-hua District died after getting a Hepatitis B vaccination in late September, according to an Oct. 4 release on the district government’s official website.

The release ruled out the possibility of a substandard vaccine or misconduct by the community clinic in the incident after a preliminary investigation and said it had commissioned the forensic center of the Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of the baby’s death.

According to the release, the Hepatitis B vaccine that the infant was administered prior to death was produced by Aimei Hissen Vaccine (Dalian) Co. Ltd. This batch of the vaccine was distributed to Longhua by Shenzhen CDC in June. The vaccines are valid until September 2020 and were also distributed to Bao’an, Longgang and Guangming districts. So far, 19,140 doses have been given out and 2,460 are being kept in inventory in Longhua, where one allergic reaction to the vaccine has been reported.

The release said staff at the community clinic had followed the standard procedure by informing the infant’s guardians of the vaccine contraindications.

Shortly after receiving the vaccination at the community clinic in Dalang Subdistrict on Sept. 27, the baby started vomiting and showing other abnormal reactions while in the clinic. The infant’s condition worsened the next day and the baby was admitted to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital on the night of Sept. 28 under the coordination of the district’s health authority. Other medical experts were also invited to the hospital to consult on the baby’s treatment, and the district CDC and police started an investigation into the clinic, according to the release.

The baby died in the early hours of Sept. 30 of multiple organ failure after medical treatment failed.