Catch Phrase | 小透明(xiǎotòumíng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-11


“小” means “little,” and “透明” means “transparent.” Coined by Chinese netizens, this term originated from popular online comics “Axis Powers,” in which the character Matthew Williams is nicknamed by Chinese fans “Little Transparent,” because his mild and amicable personality often makes him invisible in social occasions. Despite his efforts to impress, he is always “transparent” in other people’s eyes and never stands out in a crowd. Netizens also use the term to refer to those who seldom post information on online social networks.


A: 我们每次在群里讨论各种话题,你怎么都不发言?

Wǒmen měicì zài qúnlǐ tǎolùn gèzhǒng huàtí,nǐ zěnme dōu bù fāyán?

Why don’t you ever participate in the discussions in our chat group?

B: 我不常看微信,也乐于做个群里小透明。

Wǒ bù cháng kàn wēixìn,yě lèyú zuò ge qúnlǐ xiǎotòumíng。

I don’t check my WeChat account very often, and enjoy my invisibility in the group.