Catch Phrase | 吃相难看(chīxiàng nánkàn)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-23


“吃相” literally refers to “the way a person eats,” or “table manners,” and “难看” means “unsightly.” Literally, this term means “bad table manners,” but Chinese netizens has long used it as a metaphor to describe a person or a company who acts ungraciously or indecently to maximize their own interest. For example, a person will be accused of “having bad table manners” if he fights for a seat on the Metro train with an elderly person. The saying reportedly came from Shanghai dialect.


A: 每次用这个搜索引擎,排名靠前的全是广告。

Měicì yòng zhège sōusuǒ yǐnqíng,páimíng kàoqián de quánshì guǎnggào。

Each time I use this search engine, the first things that pop out are advertisements.

B: 这个公司是出了名的吃相难看,我早就不用他们的搜索引擎了。

Zhège gōngsī shì chūlemíng de chīxiàng nánkàn,wǒ zǎojiù bú yòng tāmen de sōusuǒ yǐnqíng le。

This company is notoriously indecent in doing business, and I’ve long quitted using their services.