Catch Phrase | 求生欲很强(Qiúshēngyù hěnqiáng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-23


“求生欲” literally means “survival instinct,” and “很强” means “very strong.” This saying, which first caught on among Chinese netizens last year, is used jokingly when a person comes up with a perfect and clever answer to a tough question posed by their partner, spouse, in-law, interviewee or boss in different scenarios. It’s most often used on men who are afraid of upsetting or annoying their girlfriends or wives.


A: 没看出来你也那么爱自拍。

Méi kàn chūlái nǐ yě nàme ài zìpāi。

I didn’t know you too like to take selfies.

B: 我这是拍张照片向老婆大人汇报今天的饭局。

Wǒ zhèshì pāi zhāng zhàopiàn xiàng lǎopó dàrén huìbào jīntiān de fànjú。

I just took a picture of today’s banquet to send to my wife (so that she knows why I’m late).

A: 求生欲很强啊。

Qiúshēngyù hěnqiáng a。

You do have a strong survival instinct. (You are trying very hard not to upset your wife.)