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So far, Shenzhen has kept files of 1.6857 million people of 432,200 household from 34 assisted counties who previously lived in poverty. Of these, 738,600 people from 219,400 households have been lifted out of poverty. Shenzhen has been repeatedly honored for its work in poverty alleviation. The "pairing assistance" work in Xinjiang has been rated as "excellent" by the State in 2017 (eight provinces and cities were rated as excellent out of 19 for their poverty alleviation work in Xinjiang). The poverty alleviation work in Guangxi was rated at No. 1 by the State in 2017. The poverty relief work in Heyuan and Shanwei between 2014 and 2016 was rated as "excellent." In 2017, Shenzhen was rated top among prefecture-level cities in the Pearl River Delta in "pairing assistance" projects by Guangdong Province. Seven industrial parks launched by Shenzhen, including one in Heyuan and one in Shanwei, were awarded during a performance appraisal by Guangdong Province, ranking top among Guangdong cities and accounting for 29.2 percent of the total awardees.