Writer: Debra  | Editor: Jane Chen  | From:  | Updated: 2018-10-26

Shenzhen is trying to make its poverty relief projects in Xinjiang star projects that contribute to its long-term stability and social development. Focus has been given to such projects as Kashi Shenzhen Industrial Park, Kashi Shenzhen Town, Kashi University, Kashi Comprehensive Free-trade Zone and Shenzhen-Kashi Science and Technological Innovation Center. Shenzhen's precision poverty alleviation work targets 17,000 ethnic Tajik residents of Tashkurgan County. Shenzhen is carrying out projects in Tibet to improve the locals' well being. Focus has been given to the relocation of villagers in Muben, Zayu County, building a Tibetan intangible culture heritage museum and Zayu People's Hospital. Shenzhen is offering no less than 30 million yuan to each of the 17 underdeveloped counties in Guangxi, arranging for cooperation in industries and employment, and sending talents to work there. Shenzhen also helps Heyuan and Shanwei cities to develop local industries, lifting 84,000 residents from 323 less developed villages out of poverty. Shenzhen continues its poverty alleviation work in Ganzi, Sichuan and Wushan, Chongqing. Shenzhen is pushing for the building of a cooperative park with Harbin. The Harbin Songbei (Longgang, Shenzhen) Science and Technological Innovative Industry Park has been established. Seven districts (district-level cities) of the two cities have become strategic cooperative partners.

In 2018, 155 of the 157 planned poverty alleviation projects have started construction or have been completed. Two projects, one in Xinjiang and one in Heyuan, have been postponed because of delayed approval from local authorities or lack of preparation from the aided party. All the poverty alleviation goals set at the start of this year are expected to be achieved on time, in aspects of industry and employment cooperation, sending talents to work locally and improving locals' well being.