Facial recognition at coach terminals

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-11-09

A facial recognition system will be introduced at the long-distance bus terminals in the city starting April next year.

The intelligent verification system is connected with the ticketing system at the bus terminals. Passengers can scan their ID cards and faces at the turnstiles in one second to confirm their identities before boarding the buses.

If the passengers fail the verification, the LCDs at the turnstile will advise them to go through the lanes for manual checks. If their IDs don’t match their ticket information, the passengers will be refused entry.

All long-distance bus terminals have adopted the ID-based ticketing system as of September last year, but the IDs were checked manually, instead of electronically.

The facial recognition system is more reliable and is expected to improve accuracy in identifying counterfeit or misused identification information, according to the city’s transport authority.

For those who forget to bring their IDs, the verification system can help confirm and print their ID information, saving time for passengers who would otherwise have to get an ID certificate from a police station.

The verification system is being tested at the Longgang General Bus Station and Longgang Long-distance Bus Station, and will be installed at all long-distance bus terminals before the end of March.

In another development, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau applied facial recognition tech Wednesday to its service platform on WeChat.

To proceed with police-related business, phone users no longer need to register, input a password or upload their IDs for verification when accessing the police’s WeChat service platform.