Catch Phrase | 打扰了(dǎrǎo le)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2018-12-17


Literally this term can be translated as “excuse me.” Often used by Chinese netizens during an online chat, this term is used either to express surprise at an outrageous situation or to mean “You are so good that I am no rival to you and I’d better keep my mouth shut now.” Reportedly the term was first used when someone wanted to interrupt a lousy singing performance on video app Kuaishou. It was quickly picked up by other netizens because of its rich connotations.


A: 本来今天要请你吃饭的,结果我前女友临时来出差,我要请她吃饭。

Běnlái jīntiān yào qǐng nǐ chīfàn de,jiéguǒ wǒ qiánnǚyǒu línshí lái chūchāi,wǒ yào qǐng tā chīfàn。

I had intended to invite you to dinner today, but my ex-girlfriend is on a biz trip in town and I need to invite her to dinner instead.

B: 别说了,打扰了。

Bié shuō le,dǎrǎo le。

Excuse me, could you just stop telling me all this?