Online registration available for rental homes

Writer: Wang Jingli  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-01-04

The city’s housing and construction bureau, the urban planning and land resources commission and the city’s leasing office jointly issued Wednesday management measures on the online service and supervision platform for housing tenancy, according to the Shenzhen Economic Daily.

The proposal of building a single unified authorized platform for rental housing across the city was first put forward by the city’s housing and construction bureau in 2017.

The new regulation requires online registration before the information of a housing unit can be posted on the platform for lease. As a result, not only does it ensure residents can find authentic housing information, but also that the authority can efficiently supervise the rental housing market. Moreover, residents can also waive the commission for the service, the authority said.

Conventionally, both tenants and landlords have to pay a certain amount of money as commission to housing agents for the home lease service.

“Shenzhen has the biggest rental housing market with the most active trading environment in China. Thus, creating a convenient, reliable and transparent platform is of huge significance, not only for tenants and landlords but also for the healthy development of the market,” a staffer with the housing and construction bureau was quoted by the Daily as saying.

The platform will be authorized to automatically record lease contracts when a unit that meets the relevant conditions is rented out via the platform. After registration, the tenant will receive an e-receipt of the lease contract, which can be provided to relevant departments as proof of residence to access public services, such as applying for a residence permit, housing allowance or household registration.

The measure requires all lease information to be authentic. The platform will use facial recognition, identity and housing information to double-check the data.

The platform also supports payment of housing deposits, and water, electricity and gas bills.