Catch Phrase | 出来挨打(chūlái āidǎ)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-02-12


“出来” means “to come out,” and “挨打” means “to take a beating.” Coined by Chinese netizens, this phrase is used to call out to someone you want to criticize. One widely known example was that netizens called out to young idol Kris Wu when they came upon online videos of ordinary people singing very well, because despite his popularity, Wu is believed to be not a good singer.


A: 小花,你这马尾谁给梳的?

Xiǎohuā,nǐ zhè mǎwěi shuí gěi shū de?

Xiaohua, who helped you tie up this ponytail?

B: 我姐姐给梳的。

Wǒ jiějie gěi shū de。

My elder sister did.

A: 赶紧叫她出来挨打!

Gǎnjǐn jiào tā chūlái āidǎ!

Tell her to come out and take a beating! (It implies that the sister did a very bad job and made a mess of Xiaohua’s hair.)