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VetNX makes pet care more accessible

Writer: Wang Jingli  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-02-27

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In the coming two months, the newspaper will interview 10 startups that engage in intelligent control, IoT, e-commerce, trade, architecture, 3-D imaging and holographic technologies. The stories will showcase the city’s diversity, vitality and inclusiveness on its way to becoming an innovation city.

Bringing your lovely pet to a local pet hospital can be very strenuous given that you probably would have to miss work and struggle with your pet’s container on public transport. Sometimes, by the time you arrive at the hospital, your pet will have suddenly experienced a magic recovery.

Janice Wong, one of the founders of VetNX, an online health-care platform for pets, told the Shenzhen Daily that she had an experience like this with her dog, and it was at that moment when the idea to set up an online platform to deliver comprehensive health-care services for pet animals began to germinate.

Soon after, Wong and her partners began putting this idea into practice in Hong Kong and established VetNX. VetNX is actually the first true telehealth provider for pets in Hong Kong. With VetNX’s online platform, pet owners can contact professional vets at any time and from anywhere to get a timely treatment or solution for their little friends.

All of the staff have a working license, and most of the personnel working on the platform come from Hong Kong and Taiwan and have nearly 20 to 30 years of clinical experience, according to Wong.

Wong said the vets and pet industry is more sophisticated in Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is also degree education in this field. Wong explained that this was also a reason why they recruited vets from Hong Kong and Taiwan, to help local pet owners safeguard their animals’ health.

With the help of the pet experts, pet owners can not only get immediate solutions for their pets’ problems but also be offered practical suggestions regarding pet care.

Not long after VetNX made its debut in Hong Kong, the company expanded its market to the Chinese mainland. “The mainland has an extremely huge market, so there is no reason not to open it,” said Wong.

Having been to many cities on the mainland, including Beijing and Shanghai, Wong said that she still prefers Shenzhen, so they decided to set up their offices in Shenzhen. “Shenzhen is a very young city, which means the city has great potential, especially in technology,” Wong added.

With easy access to accurate advice and high-quality health-care services, VetNX hopes that they can help enhance the joy of owning a pet and wants every pet owner to have quality time with their little friends.