Catch Phrase | 爬楼(pálǒu)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-02-28


“爬” means “to climb,” and “楼” is short for “楼梯,” which means “stairs.” Chinese netizens use the term to refer to the scenario where a person has missed the previous discussions in a WeChat group or at a forum, and has to roll the screen up to check out earlier comments. As people’s comments build up like a tower on the screen, the term “stairs climbing” is used.


A: 同学群里有个特别热烈的讨论,你看到了吗?

Tóngxuéqún lǐ yǒu ge tèbié rèliè de tǎolùn,nǐ kàndào le ma?

There is a very heated discussion going on in our classmates’ WeChat group. Have you noticed?

B: 今天一直很忙,等中午吃饭的时候我去爬搂。

Jīntiān yīzhí hěn máng,děng zhōngwǔ chīfàn de shíhòu wǒ qù pálǒu。

I’ve been super busy today. I’ll check out the earlier comments at lunchtime.