Fast online talent approval initiated

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-02-28

Shenzhen human resources authority has officially put approving service items for the introduction of on-job talents, returned overseas students and post-doctoral researchers online today, following a one-week trial.

Those who want to get their hukou and jobs settled in the city can apply via, an approval system connected with and shared by a dozen government agencies, including the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

During the trial period, more than 400 applicants received text messages from police regarding hukou transfers or settlements in the city.

“The system reduced internal approval procedures and requirements for printed materials, and shortened the process by at least 10 working days for applicants,” said Zhao Zhongliang, vice chief of the human resources and social security bureau, at a news conference yesterday.

By applying online, applicants do not need to go to the offices of different departments.

The approval for talent introduction is an expansion of the online service for introducing college graduates that was implemented last year.

In 2018, a total of 90,881 college graduates settled their hukou and job approvals through online applications, accounting for 83.9 percent of the total. After the expansion, around 200,000 people a year will benefit from the program.

The system can automatically review the information on the applicants and approve the applications.

To reduce the risk of scams during the application and approval process, the bureau has introduced a credit system. Online approval will only be available to those with good credit records. Those with untrustworthy records, violations or crimes within a certain time period must apply at counters.

Applicants who are found to have used false documents or violated related rules will be recorded in the personal credit system.