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Expat promotes parent-child relations

Writer: Wang Jingli  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-03-01

Editor’s Note:

In cooperation with Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation, the Shenzhen Daily is opening a column called “City Plus” to introduce overseas entrepreneurs that have started businesses in Shenzhen.

In the coming two months, the newspaper will interview 10 startups that engage in intelligent control, IoT, e-commerce, trade, architecture, 3-D imaging and holographic technologies. The stories will showcase the city’s diversity, vitality and inclusiveness on its way to becoming an innovation city.

Jewish people have contributed to human progress in many fields, especially to the development of Western civilization.

Raphael Genis, a Jewish German, told the Shenzhen Daily that this reputation might be partly related to their emphasis on education. However, Genis suggested that instead of hoping their children to get high grades by the end of the day, Jewish parents concentrate on building a healthy relationship with their kids.

Having been in China for around eight years, Genis speaks fluent Mandarin. He lived in Shanghai before settling down in Shenzhen. With a background in parenting education, Genis established his company Alef-RAFA in 2016, which provides education services for parents with kids under 6 in China.

“In Israel, we have a tradition to get together with family Friday night. At first, we did this just to stay safe. Now we treat it as a good and essential way for family members to do activities together and to chat with each other,” said Genis.

Genis said education is not just about school. Family education is also a significant part and it is important for parents to show attention to their children. “Sparing some time for children does not necessarily mean that parents need to help children work out a solution to a math problem or tell them how they should behave when they complain about things. Instead, it is all about letting children know that their parents are always there and they are good listeners,” Genis added.

“I want to help more parents. However, as a foreigner, it’s not easy to run your own business in China. Luckily, with advice from Yuanquan Ventures (YQ Ventures), a business incubator, things started getting better,” said Genis.

In addition to providing both basic and tailored services for enterprises doing business in China, YQ Ventures also has an office in Israel, which not only helps entrepreneurs from Israel enter the Chinese market but also offers a chance for Chinese enterprises to take a study tour or do business in Israel, according to staff with YQ Ventures.

Genis has a very busy schedule, giving lectures and organizing workshops across China. He said that apart from calling for a healthy parent-child relationship, he also encourages parents to help their children build a strong heart as it is where true strength comes from.

In order to achieve this, Genis suggests letting children experience whatever happens in their life without trying to overprotect them or arrange everything for them, as he believes that the more kids do, the richer they become.