SZ promotes consumption credit QR code

Writer: Zhang Yu  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-03-13

At the Shuitou seafood market in Dapeng New Area, many stores have posted a blue QR code called a consumption credit QR code, which enables consumers to check the credit status of the stores, and make comments and complaints, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

According to Shenzhen Consumer Council, the QR code is an “identity card” that records the business operators’ credit information such as consumption credit index, consumer comments and complaints, social supervision and administrative regulation.

“Consumers can see the store’s credit index by scanning the QR code posted on the store before they enter,” said an operator of a seafood store in the seafood market.

According to the store owner, there have been more customers in the store since the QR was posted. The QR code also guides customers to give comments after they make a purchase.

There are currently 19 dry goods outlets, 28 seafood outlets and 22 restaurants in the seafood market that have adopted the QR code, according to the Daily.

“In the past, consumers would always have to select businesses by chance. Now, they can scan the QR code and inquire about the store’s consumption credit index on the spot. They can also give comments, lodge complaints, upload evidence and inquire about the progress of complaint processing,” said a staffer with the consumer council who wasn’t identified.

According to the consumer council, businesses approved by the council can post the QR code in prominent places on their premises.

Next, the council will promote the QR code in the hotel and auto parts industries.