Catch Phrase | 大数据杀熟(dàshùjù shāshú)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-03-14


“大数据” means “big data,” and “杀熟,” which is literally translated as “killing someone that a person is acquainted with,” refers to the situation where a person takes advantage of another who innocently believes the person is their friend and acts in their interest. More than one client has discovered that when they try to book air tickets or hotel rooms at certain OTA sites, the price would be higher for a frequent user of the website than a newcomer. Such a phenomenon where companies use their acquired information of the clients’ preferences and purchasing habits to take advantage of them is called “大数据杀熟.”


A: 帮我用你的帐户订张机票吧。

Bāng wǒ yòng nǐde zhànghù dìng zhāng jīpiào ba。

Please help me book an air ticket using your account.

B: 为什么?

Wèi shénme?

Why is that necessary?

A: 我昨天看过这个航班,今天再点开就涨价了。估计他们大数据杀熟。

Wǒ zuótiān kàn guò zhè ge hángbān,jīntiān zài diǎnkāi jiù zhǎngjià le。Gūjì tāmen dàshùjù shāshú。

I checked the flight yesterday. Then when I click it open today, the price is much higher. I guess the website is taking advantage of me using their acquired big data.