Catch Phrase | 夸夸群(kuākuāqún)

Writer:  Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-03-26


“夸” means “flattery,” and “群” means “group.” This term refers to online flattery groups that have caught on recently, especially among college students and young people. People give and ask for compliments in the groups, where they boost each other’s morale and look at the bright side of life. Some said though they don’t take the compliments seriously, it is still fun to blow off some steam in the groups and add some spice to their daily routine.


A: 你今天看起来好丧。

Nǐ jīntiān kànqǐlái hǎo sàng。

You look so depressed today.

B: 连续加班十多天了,天天被客户虐。

Liánxù jiābān shíduōtiān le,tiāntiān bèi kèhù nuè。

I’ve been working overtime more than 10 days straight, to meet the requirements of my picky clients.

A: 你加入我们的夸夸群吧,让我们来安慰你。

Nǐ jiārù wǒmen de kuākuāqún ba,ràng wǒmen lái ānwèi nǐ。

Why not join our online flattery group? You will be comforted.