Catch Phrase | 天地板(tiāndìbǎn)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-04-15


“天地板,” which means “from ceiling to floor,” is a term often heard in the discussion of Chinese stocks. As the Chinese rules stipulate a daily maximum 10 percent gain or loss for any stocks trading in the stock market, the 10 percent limit is compared to the “ceiling” and the “floor.” Therefore, the term named above refers to the scenario where the price of a given stock goes from a 10 percent gain from the previous close down to a 10 percent loss, i.e., fluctuating 20 percent a day. Such a rare situation may signify rampant manipulation of the price of a stock.


A: 有人给我推荐了一只非常热门的股票。

Yǒurén gěi wǒ tuījiàn le yīzhī fēicháng rèmén de gǔpiào。

Someone recommended to me a stock that’s doing great recently.

B: 小心这类庄股,说不定哪天就上演天地板。

Xiǎoxīn zhèlèi zhuānggǔ,shuōbúdìng nǎtiān jiù shàngyǎn tiāndìbǎn。

Beware of such highly manipulated stocks. It could go from the ceiling to floor one day.