Catch Phrase | 好嫁风(hǎojiàfēng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-04-18


“好” means “easily,” “嫁” means “(women) getting married,” and “风” means “style.” This term, reportedly originating in Japanese, became popular in China in the social context of women in big cities finding it difficult to find a Mr. Right. It refers to a dressing and hair style that leaves the impression of being gentle, demure and feminine, represented by light-color dresses and long straight un-dyed hair. This type of appearance is said to fit the aesthetics of straight men.


A: 你觉得这件粉色连衣裙好看吗?

Nǐ juēdé zhèjiàn fěnsè liányīqún hǎokàn ma?

Do you think this pink dress pretty?

B: 一般般吧,不过这种好嫁风的衣服你男朋友会喜欢。

Yībānbān ba,búguò zhèzhǒng hǎojiàfēng de yīfú nǐ nánpéngyou huì xǐhuān。

Just so-so. But your boyfriend may like this style of dress, giving the impression of being gentle, demure and feminine.