Catch Phrase | 社畜(shèchù)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-04-22


In Japanese, sha (社) is from kaisha (会社) and it means corporate, chiku (畜) is from kachiku (家畜) and it refers to a domestic animal. Therefore, shachiku means “corporate slave.” These people work a lot and prioritize their company’s interest over their private life. However, their hardwork is not adequately compensated, as this term often refers to low-rank employees, not workaholic company officials. This term originating from Japanese has caught on among Chinese netizens with “Weakest Beast,” a TV series starring Yui Aragaki as a dutiful company employee.


A: 今晚有空出来玩吗?

Jīnwǎn yǒukōng chūlái wán ma?

Hang out with me this evening, will you?

B: 我要加班。

Wǒ yào jiābān。

Sorry, but I have to work overtime.

A: 这周哪天你有空?

Zhèzhōu nǎtiān nǐ yǒukòng?

When will you be free this week?

B: 哪天都没空,我是辛苦的社畜。

Nǎtiān dōu méikòng ,wǒ shì xīnkǔ de shèchù。

I don’t have free time this week. I’m a poor corporate slave.