Catch Phrase | 白瘦幼(báishòuyòu)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-04-25


“白” means “having a light skin complexion,” “瘦” means “slim,” and “幼” means “very young.” This term, reflecting Chinese straight men’s agreed-on standards of beautiful women, has been around for quite some time. Late Taiwanese author Li Ao had proclaimed that his criteria for beautiful women were “tall, light-skinned, slim, young and delicate.” Not a stunning beauty, Chinese actress Yang Mi is thought to be pretty by many men because she is light-skinned, slim and girlish.


A: 你觉得小李的女朋友漂亮吗?

Nǐ juéde xiǎolǐ de nǚpéngyou piàoliang ma?

Do you think Xiao Li’s girlfriend pretty?

B: 她是典型的白瘦幼,男生会觉得她漂亮吧。

Tā shì diǎnxíng de báishòuyòu,nánshēng huì juéde tā piàoliang ba。

She’s light-skinned, slim and girlish, so I guess men will think she’s pretty.