New exhibition opens at Zhi Art Museum| Until Aug. 31

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Until Aug. 31




Zhi Art Museum, Song’An Road, Bao’an District (宝安区松安路至美术馆)


Line 11 to Houting Station (后亭站), Exit A and then take a taxi

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Chinese artist Zheng Yueyuan and Spanish artist Gerard Torres are exhibiting their works at “A Cappella: International Young Artists Communication Exhibition Series” at Zhi Art Museum in Bao’an District.

Curators Gan Ting and Jiang Yiyi hope that this series of exhibitions will promote the exchange and development of young artists from China and different countries and regions, and explore the direction and value of the future of art.

“Through the two young artists’ experimental calligraphy series and abstract paintings, we open our understanding of the diversity of culture and art. In their choice in creative language, both Zheng and Torres have retained the baptism brought by their own culture to the greatest extent,” the curators wrote in the exhibition profile.

Zheng Yueyuan’s calligraphic works.

Upon first glance at Zheng’s work, one may think that it is simply a piece of traditional Chinese calligraphy. But in fact, her works blend a wealth of artistic experience — in traditional Chinese paintings, prints and digital images — so that the final works embody an extraordinary tension between calligraphy, performance art and video installation. Traditional content has been sharply transformed, but at the same time, it becomes very contemporary.

Zheng Yueyuan’s calligraphic works.

Gerard Torres works on his paintings.

Torres’ work is artistic ontology. He is obsessed with the original form of painting and seeks new value from it. He thinks the painting language itself cannot appeal to human language. He believes that in a sense, painting, like mathematics, can be used as a tool for meditation, or considered a perfect concept game, not just a measurement and modeling tool. Influenced by European philosophy, Torres shows a strong interest in Heidegger and Bauman’s thoughts. The fluidity and eternal gravity of coagulation in the moment is his tireless subject of painting.

A painting by Gerard Torres.

A painting by Gerard Torres.

A painting by Gerard Torres.

Dates: Until Aug. 31

Venue: Zhi Art Museum, Song’An Road, Bao’an District (宝安区松安路至美术馆)

Metro: Line 11 to Houting Station (后亭站), Exit A and then take a taxi