City launches crackdown on electric bike violations

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-06-12

Police launched a 100-day action to curb accidents involving motorcycles and e-bikes yesterday.

During the action, police are focusing on violations like unlicensed driving, not wearing helmets, illegally occupying lanes, going against red lights and driving under the influence of alcohol.

By May 31, Shenzhen had reported 209 e-bike-related accidents that killed 42 people, accounting for 33.6 percent of all traffic fatalities this year. The city reported five accidents that resulted in two fatalities in each case. Among the fatalities, 15 were due to not wearing helmets.

Shenzhen officially implemented new e-bike standards April 15 that had significant impacts on the manufacture and sale of electric bicycles. Under the new technical standards, e-bikes must have pedals and a maximum speed designated at 25km/h, while weighing no more than 55kg.

E-bikes running on roads while failing to meet the standards are still a major reason for the rising number of accidents.

These e-bikes are heavier and faster than the requirements stipulated in the new national standards.