Restrictions imposed on dump trucks

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-06-13

Dump trucks are required to run on designated lanes, or the lane farthest to the right.

The trucks can borrow the use of the adjacent lane if their designated lane is blocked by an engineering project or accident. They are not allowed to use the shoulder of a road or emergency lane, according to a release by police Monday.

Regarding speed, they are restricted to a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour on expressways, 60 kilometers per hour on trunk roads or 40 kilometers per hour on other urban roads.

There are 206 dump truck companies in the city running 800 traditional dump trucks and 6,800 electricity-powered dump trucks.

There are also 84 companies running 3,800 mixer trucks or tanker trucks.

Police said the restrictions on such heavy vehicles are to prevent traffic accidents. Besides roadside inspections, and the use of monitoring cameras, police are also offering rewards to the public for reporting trucks that violate the rules regarding speed or route.

Violators will be held responsible, blacklisted and ordered to undergo training.

The operators will also be graded and held liable for the violations made by their drivers.