Catch Phrase | 炸板(zhàbǎn)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-06-17


“炸” means to “detonate,” and “板” is short for “涨停板,” referring to the “daily trading up limit for the price of a stock in the Chinese stock market.” A slang term used by A share traders, especially short-term traders, it refers to the scenario where a certain stock has been trading at the up limit price (10 percent for most stocks but 5 percent for “special treatment” stocks) most time of a day but closes lower that day. It’s often a signal that hot money is fleeing that stock.


A: 最近你买的股票赚钱了吗?

Zuìjìn nǐ mǎi de gǔpiào zhuànqián le ma?

Did you earn money in the stock market recently?

B: 买了稀土板块的几家公司,收获了几个涨停之后炸板了,然后就赶紧跑路了。

Mǎi le xītǔ bǎnkuài de jǐjiā gōngsī,shōuhuò le jǐgè zhǎngtíng zhīhòu zhàbǎn le,ránhòu jiù gǎnjǐn pǎolù le。

I bought the shares of a few companies in the rare earth industry, which rose by the daily limit a few consecutive days but didn’t keep up that momentum, then I sold them out.