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Barbadian aims to connect nations via tourism

Writer: Liu Jieyu  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2019-07-01

With the title of entrepreneur in Barbados, Pamela Stanford in Shenzhen wants to connect the two countries’ cultures through tourism.

Pamela Stanford

Coming from the little island country with a small population in the Caribbean region of North America, Stanford is currently working as an English teacher at a high school in Shenzhen. She arrived in Shenzhen in February last year.

Back in Barbados, Stanford owns several businesses including a tourism company. “It’s my dream to bridge the two cultures,” said Stanford. “My plan next summer is to take some Chinese people back to my country to experience cultures there.”

With the tourism business Stanford established in Barbados, she can give visitors an authentic experience there.

Stanford also sees herself becoming a successful entrepreneur in China in the coming five years. She believes what she has accumulated back in Barbados can help her to build a business in Shenzhen and what she has learned here can contribute to building a better relationship between Caribbean and Chinese businesses.

Stanford said she has always been fascinated by Chinese cultures. She feels like “Alice in Wonderland” while living in the country.

Stanford feels sad that her country is reluctant to accept novel things, but she believes that she can help change that reality. “I take in everything because I plan to turn my country into a modern, techsavvy place.”