Catch Phrase | 钢铁直男(gāngtiě zhínán)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-07-08


“钢铁” literally means “iron and steel,” and “直男” means “straight men.” In Chinese, the term “straight men” is sometimes associated with “male chauvinism” and “bad taste in clothes,” as in the example of the term “straight man cancer” (直男癌, meaning “male chauvinist”). The term “hardcore straight man” first appeared in 2016, and was used by fans to describe certain idols. For instance, actor Lin Gengxin was thought to be one of these as he was once caught wearing a top inside out to hide the lace decorations on it. A “hardcore straight man” is often insensitive towards women and has a bad taste for fashion, but he is not obnoxious like those male chauvinists.


A: 你怎么自己一个人看电影,男朋友呢?

Nǐ zěnme zìjǐ yīgèrén kàn diànyǐng,nánpéngyou ne?

Why are you watching the movie by yourself? Where is your boyfriend?

B: 他说这部片是女生看的,在家打游戏呢。

Tā shuō zhèbùpiàn shì nǚshēng kàn de,zàijiā dǎyóuxì ne。

He said it’s a chick movie. He’s home playing games.

A: 他可真是个钢铁直男!

Tā kě zhēnshì ge gāngtiě zhínán!

He is quite insensitive!