Catch Phrase | 拎得清(līndeqīng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-07-11


“拎” means “to carry,” “得” is an auxiliary word and “清” means “clear.” In traditional Shanghai dialect, this term is used to describe a person who is smart and always deals with people and things appropriately. As Shanghai started a garbage sorting practice in July, Chinese netizens have found a new meaning for this term: It describes people carrying bags of garbage in their hands and knowing clearly what sort of garbage they are disposing of.


A: 听说深圳也要推行垃圾分类?

Tīngshuō shēnzhèn yěyào tuīxíng lājī fènlèi?

I’ve heard that Shenzhen will start pushing for garbage sorting.

B: 可不是吗,我们小区已经通知了,下个月开始每层楼过道放的垃圾桶就要收走。

Kě búshì ma,wǒmen xiǎoqū yǐjīng tōngzhī le,xiàgeyuè kāishǐ měicéng lóu guòdào fàng de lājītǒng jiùyào shōuzǒu。

True. The management of my housing estate has notified that starting next month the big one-for-all garbage can placed on the corridor of each floor will be taken away.

A: 你们很快也要学会“拎得清”了。

Nǐmen hěnkuài yěyào xuéhuì līndeqīng le。

Soon you will have to learn how to dispose of garbage correctly.