Contributions wanted for Shenzhen Image Library of Publicity

Writer: Shenzhen Daily  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-07-11

The Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government is now calling for outstanding photographs that reflect the topic of Shenzhen, so as to publicize Shenzhen’s great achievements amid its reform and opening up, show the attractive image of the international and innovative metropolis at home and abroad, and speed up the process of constructing a global regional cultural center as well as an avant-garde international cultural, innovative and creative city.

1. Content of contributions

(1) City landscape: aerial photographs that represent the features of all centers of Shenzhen, such as city’s landmark buildings, historical landscape, transport hubs, ecology, airports, ports, checkpoints, metros, main roads, etc.

(2) Technological innovation: representative industrial innovation platforms, industrial agglomeration bases, key laboratories, symbolic industrial, commercial, science and technology equipment, outstanding economic development achievements, etc. 

(3) Cultural fashion: symbolic culture and sports facilities, cultural life, diverse culture, etc.

(4) Folk customs: symbolic activities of folk customs in Shenzhen.

(5) The 2019 Shenzhen Culture Menu:

January: Shenzhen Project Care, WTA Shenzhen Open

February: International Magic Festival, China Design Exhibition and Public Art Thematic Exhibition

March: Shenzhen “Belt and Road” International Music Festival, National Youth and Middle-aged Artists Oil Painting Exhibition

April: Shenzhen Design Week and Shenzhen Global Design Award,Intl. Ink Art Biennale of SZ, Music Festival Nanshan

May: China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, ITTF World Tour Platinum, China Open (Shenzhen Station)

June: Shenzhen Intl. Photography Exhibition, Shenzhen Collection Culture Month

July: Shenzhen Dance Month, WDC Open, Shenzhen Cartoon and Animation Festival, SZ Piano Open Competition

August: China Pictures Competition, Shenzhen Intl. Accordion Week

September: Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week, Shenzhen Grand Theater Art Festival

October: WTA Finals, NBA China Games (SZ Station), Shenzhen-Macao Creative Week

November: China Hi-Tech Fair, Shenzhen Reading Month, China Cup Intl. Regatta, China International New Media Short Film Festival, China Tennis Grand Prix Cup

December: Shenzhen Creative December, UNESCO City of Design (Shenzhen China) Public Service Advertising Competition, Shenzhen Intl. Marathon, Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism Architecture (Shenzhen)

2. Requirements for contributions

(1) The contributions shall be original works. There is no restriction on the number of contributions, and the photos shall better be colored and newly shot. The entrants should warrant that the entries do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of any third party including but not limited to copyrights, portrait rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights. Any responsibility of infringement shall be borne by the entrants.

(2) Each photo must be submitted with a caption (including the type of the photo, shooting date, shooting location, title, entrant’s name and an explanation of the photo).

(3) The contributions must be in JPG format, no smaller than 2 MB.

(4) Email, Contact number: (86) 755-88132134.

3. Reminders:

The Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government will organize experts to evaluate the contributions. All selected contributions will be paid for 200-500 yuan per unit. The selected contributions will be put into the Shenzhen Image Library of Publicity and used for the promotion of the city as well as other non-profit activities such as publishing, exhibition, screening and information network communication.

The organizer reserves the right of explaining the notice. Each contributor is deemed to have agreed all the regulations of this notice.

 Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

July 8, 2019