Renovation of Shennan flyover starts

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-08-12

The renovation of Shennan Flyover on Xinzhou Road started Friday, and the city’s transport bureau reminded residents to drive with caution, because some lanes will be closed.

The renovation mainly includes the improvement of the road fences and road conditions and will last 143 days until January 2020, according to a notice issued by the Futian district transport bureau.

The connectivity between Xinzhou Road and Shennan Boulevard is not affected, but due to some lanes closing, interchange traffic could be affected or slowed down, according to the notice.

The flyover was put into use in 1998. Some parts of the concrete fences were damaged or cracked, posing a threat to drivers.

The old fences on the flyover and viaducts will be replaced with a new type of fencing and repainted, while the road surface will be reconditioned and the lampposts will be replaced and decorated with aluminum pinch plates.

To minimize the impact on traffic and the progress of the renovation project, the right lanes of the flyover on Shennan Boulevard and one of the two three-meter-wide lanes on the four viaducts turning from Shennan Boulevard to Xinzhou Road will be closed.

Due to renovations of the central dividing fences of the flyover on Shennan Boulevard and fences on Xinzhou Road, one lane in either direction on the roads will be closed.