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SZ, HUAWEI join hands to build city into model area for chip industry

Writer: Han Ximin  | Editor: Shang Ye  | From:  | Updated: 2019-09-03

THE Shenzhen government signed an agreement with Huawei Technologies yesterday to build the city into a demonstration area for the country’s server chip industry.

According to the agreement signed at Wuzhou Guest House yesterday, both sides will work together to build Shenzhen into a national demonstration zone featuring leading core technologies, rich application scenarios and strong industrial competitiveness, and a headquarters for the server chip ecosystem in China, and even the world.

Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui and Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping attended the signing ceremony.

In cooperation, both parties will leverage Shenzhen’s regional, industrial and policy advantages and Huawei’s advantages in science and technology, and innovation resources.

Huawei will focus on developing the high-performance Kunpeng chip series and offer high-quality cloud and artificial intelligence services based on those chips.

“Huawei will give full support for the construction of the Kunpeng ecosystem in Shenzhen and provide more choices for global users,” Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of Huawei, said in an interview yesterday.

The two sides will build a platform that includes a Kunpeng industry open-source innovation center, Kunpeng open-source lab, a State-level industrial innovation center, and a manufacturing innovation center.

They will build a Kunpeng industrial cluster and Kunpeng ecology innovation demonstration area. The demonstration area will introduce software and hardware enterprises and talent training agencies related to Kunpeng chips.

Major events will be held to promote Kunpeng brands and a demonstration center will be built to showcase the Kunpeng ecology system.

The Shenzhen government will set up a leading group for the construction of the Kunpeng industry demonstration area and an expert consultative council for Kunpeng ecology and industry development.

Huawei announced in July that it would invest 3 billion yuan (US$440 million) over the next five years to beef up its prowess in semiconductors.

The investment will be used to bolster its leading IT infrastructure and encourage applications based on its Kunpeng processors for all industries by teaming up with a wide range of partners.

Huawei’s ARM-based central processing unit, Kunpeng 920, was unveiled in January. It is designed to meet the exponentially growing demand for bigger computing capabilities while slashing power consumption.

The Kunpeng 920 is a 7 nanometer chip that is designed to help process and store large amounts of data.