Five domestic brands top star milk list

Writer: Wang Jingli  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-09-17

Six long-life pure milk products from five domestic milk brands and one foreign milk brand have been ranked as five-star pure milk by Shenzhen Consumer Council.

The five domestic milk products are Milke Deluxe or Telunsu produced by Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd., Satine by Yili Group Co. Ltd., Perfect Ranch by Junlebao Dairy Co. Ltd., Gonggangyihao by Chenguang Dairy and the pure milk of Yeation. The imported star product is Theland’s long- life whole milk.

The council selected a total of 16 dairy brands from home and abroad favored by consumers on online platforms like Tmall and Eight of them are domestic brands, namely Milk Deluxe, Satine, Guangming, Chengguan, Junlebao, New Hope, Yeation and Yantang, while the remaining eight are foreign brands, namely Devondale, Weidendorf, Arla, Oldenburger, Anchor, Theland, Meadow Fresh and Dutch Lady.

The investigation adopted the strictest standards based on both national and European Union standards. The report published by the council suggests that all of the long-life milk from the 16 brands is qualified when it comes to safety factors, such as the amount of lead and melamine.

In terms of quality, the domestic long-life pure milk generally produced results that were just as good as the imported ones. Some of them even performed better.

Anchor, Yantang, Satine and Theland’s long-life pure milk presented higher protein, while Devondale and Weidendorf ranked low among the 16 brands.

Imported long-life milk has a lower amount of fat compared to domestic ones. Concerning calcium, no evident differences were shown between the domestic and foreign brands.

However, domestic brands performed better when it came to non-fat milk solids, an important indicator of milk quality. The higher the amount of non-fat milk solids, the better the quality. Junlebao’s Perfect Ranch, Satine and Milk Deluxe were the top three among these 16 brands.

The amount of lactulose in the milk products of the three brands, namely Devondale, Weidendorf and Milk Deluxe, was low but all met the qualified standard, according to the report.