Catch Phrase | 人民币玩家(rénmínbì wánjiā)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-10-10


“人民币” is the English for “RMB,” the currency used in China, and “玩家” refers to a “gamer.” This term, often used by gamers, refers to those who are willing to spend big on in-game items such as fancy attire, armor or secret weapons that will easily dazzle or beat other gamers. In a more general use, the term can refer to anyone willing to pay extra money to enjoy a privilege in real life, like those who pay more for an express card in Disneyland which allows them to wait less time in queues.


A: 你之前很着迷的那个游戏还天天玩吗?

Nǐ zhīqián hěn zháomí de nàge yóuxì hái tiāntiān wán ma?

Are you still playing the game you were once obsessed with?

B: 已经不玩了。因为我不是人民币玩家,玩到一定级别就过不去了,然后我就觉得没劲了。

Yǐjīng bù wán le。Yīnwèi wǒ búshì rénmínbì wánjiā,wán dào yīdìng jíbié jiù guòbuqù le,ránhòu wǒ jiù juédé méijìn le。

I’ve already quit. Because I am not one who would spend big on in-game items, I got stuck at a certain level. Then I lost interest.