5G administration service hall put into operation

Writer: Chen Siqi  | Editor: Holly Wang  | From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-10-21

5G internet is available on the computers at the self-service area of the Bao'an administration service hall. Courtesy of Bao'an administration service hall

A 5G intelligent and international administration service hall was officially put into operation Saturday morning in Bao'an District, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

The Bao’an administration service hall is the first 5G intelligent and international administration service hall in the country.

The service hall has applied a 5G remote video service to administration services and introduced an AI intelligent interpreter, intelligent robotics service and intelligent defense system to the hall. As a result, the Bao’an administration service hall has shortened processing times.

The service hall has set up a 5G experience area where the reporter with the Daily used the provided tablets that are connected to a special Internet service that can download and install a 1G app within three seconds. The device displayed real-time statistics showing a superfast download rate using the 5G Internet service. A staffer explained that visitors can complete their business, including information collection, document upload and facial verification, quickly using the 5G Internet service.

5G technologies have been applied to the business handling process at all of the counters at the service hall. Staffers at the counters can interact with 30 other staffers in the approval departments via 5G video. If any difficulties arise, citizens are able to have “face-to-face” conversations with the approval departments via 5G video.

Apart from the 5G video, a batch of black technologies have been applied to the Bao’an administration service hall. AI intelligent interpreters were installed in the hall to offer an instant translation service covering 72 languages, including English, Korean and Japanese. Additionally, the service hall now offers expats comprehensive business handling instructions after adding English signs and recruiting volunteers who are proficient in English.

The 5G service enables citizens to complete their business in a short period of time and has realized the synchronization of the processing of 122 public services at 134 service points covering 10 subdistricts and 124 communities in Bao’an District, which means citizens can deal with administrative business regardless of the location of their household registration.