Catch Phrase | 爆灯( bàodēng)

Writer: Debra Li  | Editor: Stephanie Yang  | From:  | Updated: 2019-11-11


Literally translated as “burst light,” this term originated from a long-running popular Chinese dating show on Jiangsu TV titled “If You Are the One.” At the beginning of each episode, a light is on in front of each female guest onstage, who can choose to keep it on or switch it off to signal whether she is interested in the male candidate. There is also another option called “burst light,” and if a woman presses that button, she signals a special interest in the man and her light cannot be turned off then. Her light will also change to a pulsating heart display. Therefore, this term means to “support, like very much, have a fancy for.”


A: 听说你们公司的一款面膜卖得很好。

Tīngshuō nǐmen gōngsī de yīkuǎn miànmó mài de hěn hǎo。

A facial mask by your company reportedly sells very well.

B: 因为找了个当红偶像代言,所以有不少粉丝爆灯。

Yīnwèi zhǎo le gè dānghóng ǒuxiàng dàiyán,suǒyǐ yǒu bùshǎo fěnsī bàodēng。

Because we found a popular idol to endorse it, the facial mask has been embraced by his fans.