Stricter prevention and control measures enforced in communities

Writer:   |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Headquarters for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Caused by Novel Coronavirus  

On February 7, Shenzhen Headquarters for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Caused by Novel Coronavirus officially issued Measures to Build and Improve A Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism in Residential Communities, which proposed to implement more strict and rigorous prevention and control measures in residential communities. 

First. Stick with 100% in five aspects. 

1. 100% of the residential areas shall be closed-off for management. 

2. 100% home quarantine shall be imposed on those who have been to the epidemic outbreak areas within 14 days.

3. 100% collective quarantine shall be imposed on those who have been in close contact with the patients confirmed with pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus.

4. 100% of the residents’ body temperature shall be measured at entering and exiting the residence. 

5. 100% landlords and tenants shall be well-informed with their information registered and every responsibility accounted.

Second, earnestly implement the “Ten Rules”.

1. Check points shall be set up at all entrances and exits of all residences and urban villages, and the number of entrances and exits shall be reduced as much as possible. 

2. All residents who are currently in Hubei Province shall be informed by their community and relevant departments not to return to Shenzhen temporarily. For those who have already returned, they are subject to quarantine at home. 

3. When any fever patient is detected, report to the community at once. Record the patient’s information and phone number, and then send him/her to hospital immediately.

4. All visitors and their vehicles are not allowed to enter the residence. If there are special circumstances and with the consent of the residents, registration and filing of those visitors and their vehicles is a must. All residents should voluntarily report their personal information through WeChat mini-programs “Shen i U-Voluntary Reporting”, “i Shenzhen” WeChat official accounts, APPs among others, and enter and exit the residence based on the verification images and codes. 

5. Residents who have returned to Shenzhen from travelling or visiting relatives outside Shenzhen shall be subject to inquiries and check regarding the history of living, traveling and contacts over the past 14 days. 

6. Buildings with confirmed cases of infection shall be subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine. Notices that say “ The building is under quarantine in order to prevent and control the epidemic ” should be put up in conspicuous places. Contactless services including food delivery, waste disposal and necessity delivery will be provided by community workers and volunteers to residents under home quarantine or in entirely-quarantined buildings. 

7. Delivery of food, parcels and other items will be conducted in a contactless manner. All delivered items will be left at the entrance of the residence for pick-up later.

8. Residents shall wear face masks in public spaces and shall not visit each other or dine together.

9. Disinfection will be performed in staircases, elevators and other closed spaces on a daily basis, with no corner left out.

10. Public places in communities not related to residents’ daily necessities shall be shut down. All gatherings and public activities shall be suspended.