Catch Phrase | 神仙打架(shénxiān dǎjià)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily 


“神仙” means “gods and fairies,” and “打架” means “to fight.” First used by gamers, this term refers to the scenario where two or more high-level players are competing in a game. Now it is also used in a more general sense where a competition is attended by the best players or a movie casts many A-list actors and actresses.


A: 最近有部一战题材的片子很火。

Zuìjìn yǒu bù yīzhàn tícái de piānzi hěn huǒ。

A film themed on World War I has been popular recently.

B: 是《1917》吗?主角是新人,配角倒是神仙打架。

Shì 《yījiǔ yīqī 》ma?Zhǔjué shì xīnrén,pèijué dǎoshì shénxiān dǎjià。

Are you talking about “1917?” The film casts newcomers in the lead, but several A-listers in supporting roles.