Catch Phrase | 抄作业(chāozuòyè )

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily 


“抄” means “to copy,” and “作业” refers to “homework.” This term literally refers to scenarios where lazy students don’t finish their homework on their own but copy from their classmates or from other online resources. Gamers use this term to describe scenarios where inexperienced players copy the strategies of elite gamers. Nowadays, the term is used in more general situations where people borrow from the experience of others when faced with a similar problem.


A: 为什么没有女生喜欢我?

Wèishénme méiyǒu nǚshēng xǐhuan wǒ?

Why don’t girls like me?

B: 你哥不是特别会追女孩子吗?找他抄作业啊。

Nǐ gē búshì tèbié huì zhuī nǚháizi ma?Zhǎo tā chāozuòyè a。

Doesn’t your big brother have a way with girls? Learn from his experience!