Panic about asymptomatic cases ‘unnecessary’

Writer: Wang Jingli  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily 

The Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission assured the public that there is no need to panic about asymptomatic COVID-19 patients after the city reported a asymptomatic COVID-19 case Tuesday.

The commission said that although asymptomatic patients are infectious, further studies on its infectivity period and severity are yet to be confirmed based on current observation.

Some experts suggested that given that the asymptomatic COVID-19 patients show no evident symptoms such as cough and sneeze, their chance of person-to-person transmission is lower than those developing clinical symptoms, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Staff with the commission advised the public to strengthen awareness of self-protection and to practice good hygiene by washing hands frequently, continuing disinfection and wearing face masks when outside.

Residents are also advised to practice social distancing, to air rooms regularly and avoid crowds, especially when sick.

The city’s asymptomatic patients were tracked down by means of testing close contacts of confirmed patients and those who have a history of travel or living in the ongoing viral transmission hotspots at home and abroad. The asymptomatic patients were also traced through investigating the source of cluster transmission cases and exposure to infected people, according to the Municipal Health Commission.

The national health commission requires an instant online report of asymptomatic patients from local authorities within two hours of confirmation.

Additionally, all asymptomatic patients, as well as their close contacts, should be kept under centralized isolation for 14 days.

The city will step up to manage asymptomatic patients, the report indicated.

Two more asymptomatic cases were confirmed Wednesday, according to the Municipal Health Commission. Both arriving in Shenzhen, one patient came from the United Kingdom and the other from Hubei Province.