5G conference live broadcast attracts some 100,000 globally

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Shang Ye  |  From:   |  Updated: 2020-05-12

MORE than 100,000 viewers at home and abroad tuned in to watch the 2020 Shenzhen Bay 5G Application Innovation Conference online.

The conference, which was held in Shenzhen on Sunday, was broadcast globally using the 5G network, the Daily Sunshine reported.

Dozens of experts and scholars were invited to share insights on future 5G applications.

Fan Jianping, head of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, said in his speech that 5G is bound to find its way into more fields with the improvement of 5G infrastructure.

Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, took educational training as an example when expounding on 5G technological innovation.

Wu said 5G and VR/AR can create a virtual learning environment to show celestial body movements in the universe, the micro world in biology and restore historical scenes.

Meanwhile, these technologies can simulate many high-cost and high-risk teaching and training scenarios, and impart knowledge through vivid audio-visual forms.

Guo Renzhong, dean of Research Institute for Smart City, Shenzhen University, deems that the first step of building a smart city is to build a digital twin city, which means building a visual and computable 3-D city model and integrate city data based on the model. This is inseparable from 5G’s fast response and transmission capacity.

“Perception, transmission, storage and computing are the four capabilities necessary for smart city construction. 5G will help in four aspects, namely, mobile transmission, real-time response, indoor and outdoor continuous positioning and innovative application,” Guo said.

Researchers, entrepreneurs and investors from the 5G industry chain also shared the innovative application scenarios in various fields such as intelligent manufacturing, automatic driving, artificial intelligence, digital economy and beyond.

Shenzhen 5G Application and Innovation Alliance, which was established last year, was one of the organizers of the conference. Shenzhen, a global hub of the electronic information industry, is home to a legion of leading enterprises including Huawei and ZTE.