Research on 6G launched

Writer: Wang Jingli  |  Editor: Lin Lin  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2020-06-04

Shenzhen-based tech company Huawei said recently that it has launched pre-research on 6G technology, which will mainly utilize millimeter wave band.

At present, Huawei is seeking applications and supporting technologies for 6G, said Yang Tao, vice president of Huawei’s operation and business department in China.

“When designing many of our products, we cover three generations: former generation, development of current generation and pre-research on the next generation. So we normally start our pre-research on the next generation way ahead of time,” said Yang.

Yang suggested that some applications supported by 6G technology will be available for use in 2030.

Many tech companies in China including Huawei and ZTE have announced their pre-research work on 6G technology. A meeting was held Nov. 3 last year in Beijing to launch research and development of 6G technology, according to Shenzhen Economic Daily.

University of Oulu in Finland previously released the globe’s first 6G white paper. It is proposed in the paper that the highest broadband speed of 6G will be 100Gbps-1Tbps, at least 10 times of the speed of 5G (10Gbps).

Its positioning accuracy will be within 10 centimeters in an indoor space and within 1 meter in outdoor areas, 10 times more accurate than 5G’s positioning accuracy.

Communication delay will be one-tenth that of 5G, which is expected to be 0.1 milliseconds. The 6G technology will also have a high reliability and ultra high density, according to the white paper.